A weight lifted off of your shoulders, literally.

Literally. Our app is the simplest way for you to check items. Anytime, anywhere.

This is how it works.
In case you were wondering.

Meet and Greet

The first time you use CoatCheck, a personal inventory will be automatically created and linked to your phone number.

Check It

We'll hold down the fort (and stow away your items) while you're out having the time of your life. No need for paper tickets.

Just Hang Out

Arrange to have your belongings delivered in the app, or retrieve them in person. All you need is your phone number.

Get the most out of what you own.

Easy Tracking

We always know where your stuff is stored, so nothing gets left behind. Long night of bar-hopping? We can track down your valuables with the click of a button.

Delivery & Services

Coming Soon: Add service requests for anything from dry-cleaning to delivery. Each item has its own queue, so you can adjust requests on the fly to meet your schedule.

Sync your Items

Coming Soon: Type once, take charge. Use the description of any item in your inventory to autofill information in other apps like Turo, Skipti, and OfferUp.

Faster Payment

Anywhere you check an item, payments can be charged to a card on your account. That means less fumbling for your wallet, and more time spent in the moment.

Secure Storage

With our secure encryption, personal information is safe. Checking your items through CoatCheck ensures that your valuables will never be mistaken for someone else's. 

Share with Friends

Coming Soon: Check an item for a friend through CoatCheck and they can pick it up later. Loan something from your inventory to a friend? We can pick it up for you.

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