X marks the spot.

CoatCheck allows people to turn their belongings into services by pairing a digital personal inventory with an innovative logistic solution. A burgeoning network for for your customer's items has arrived, and we're happy to reserve your spot.
  1. 68% of consumers anticipate organizations will harmonize consumer experiences.

    • Increase wallet share by connecting your business to the customer's other activities
    • Join a flexible network creating harmony between customer items and experiences
  2. 76% of consumers expect organizations to understand their individual needs.

    • Add a new amenity without lifting a finger
    • Understand your customer better with behavioral data captured from transfers you purchase on their behalf
  3. 81% of consumers demand improved response time.

    • Provide an instant personalized perk for your customers
    • Our innovative logistics make 1 hour local delivery possible for brick and mortar stores of any size

There's something for everyone.

Bolster your Business

Use our onsite checking solutions at venues, hotels or restaurants.

Offer an Amenity

Check items on behalf of your customers, employees, and suppliers

Set the Standard

Be the first to provide a new service for user items in your area.

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improve your business.

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