X is for XaaS

CoatCheck allows people to turn any belonging into a servicable asset. We're growing a platform for your customer's items, and happy to reserve your spot.
  1. 68% of consumers anticipate organizations will harmonize consumer experiences.

    • Increase wallet share by connecting your business to the customer's other activities
    • Join a flexible network creating harmony between customer items and various experiences
  2. 76% of consumers expect organizations to understand their individual needs.

    • We get to know how people use their stuff, so we can fill you in on their favorite places, services and preferences
    • Let us do the legwork to establish custody and connections while you build loyalty - and a deeper understanding of your customer
  3. 81% of consumers demand improved response time.

    • Provide an instant personalized perk for your customers when you add a purchase to their CoatCheck inventory
    • Don't just know your customer, anticipate their every need with our AI driven predictions

There's something for everyone.

Literally, check items

Use our drop dead simple point of sale to check items at bars or Mars - without any hardware or retrofit. Ditch paper today.

Offer your service

Tap into our user base with a service for physical assets from coats to boats. Whatever it is you do, we're here to help.

Set the Standard

Be the first to provide an amenity to customers that actually changes the nature of their items, and the course of their day.

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